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Our focal points


Mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, civil engineers, chemical engineers, etc.


  • Completed studies in the relevant engineering field (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, etc.)
  • Experience with relevant engineering tools and software
  • Knowledge of mathematical modelling and simulation programs
  • Analytical mindset and problem-solving skills

Information Technology (IT)

Software developers, system administrators, data analysts, network technicians, etc.


  • Degree in computer science or similar field
  • Knowledge of programming languages and development environments
  • Problem solving skills and the ability to analyse complex problems


Doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, care assistants, etc.


  • Degree in medicine, nursing, pharmacy or a related field
  • Licensing and certification according to local regulations
  • Empathy and excellent patient care
  • Communication skills and teamwork

Architecture and design

Architects, interior designers, technical draughtsmen, etc.


  • Degree in architecture, design or a related field
  • Proficiency with CAD software and design tools
  • Creativity and aesthetic understanding
  • Communication skills for working with clients and colleagues

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