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Andreas Fuckert

With over 30 years of experience in business administration and as a certified accountant, I bring extensive knowledge and a broad network to our recruitment agency.

My partner, who has in-depth knowledge of the North African market thanks to her origins in Algeria, ideally complements our expertise.

We specialise in recruiting qualified medical professionals from North Africa, convinced of the high quality of training there.

Our aim is to fill key positions in the health and care sector in Germany and other European countries in order to strengthen medical care in the long term.

Fara Fuckert

I am Fara Fuckert and I have been living in Germany for 8 years now. In my former home country of Algeria, I completed my A-levels and studied architecture. However, this was not recognised in Germany. I am therefore very familiar with the procedures for recognising professional qualifications.

I use this knowledge and my experience to provide our candidates and employees with the best possible support in recruitment.

Together with my partner, I founded our recruitment consultancy with the vision of revolutionising global recruitment by leveraging our deep understanding of Algerian culture and language. Our goal is to accurately capture the competences of our professionals and match them with the needs of our clients.

Our main goal is to satisfy our clients as well as the professionals.

Our philosophy

Value-based recruitment

We see it as our vocation to bring people and companies together in order to establish lasting and successful working relationships. Our conviction is based on the uniqueness of each person, their skills, experience and personal characteristics – and this also applies to employees, specialised staff and companies. As a recruitment agency, our aim is to recognise and promote the talents of skilled workers in order to find the perfect employee for every vacant position.

As a recruitment agency, we believe that successful working relationships should not only be based on skills and experience, but also on shared values and goals. That’s why we work closely with companies to ensure not only the professional qualifications, but also the candidate’s fit with the company culture, vision and goals. We are committed to the integration of professionals from different cultural backgrounds in Germany in order to promote diversity and enriching team dynamics.

Our endeavour as a recruitment company is to create honest and transparent relationships with our clients and potential specialists. For us, openness and communication are the key to successful co-operation. We ensure that all parties are informed and involved throughout the recruitment process and emphasise fairness to all parties involved.

Our work as a recruitment agency is far more than just a service for us – it is an opportunity to make a positive impact on other people’s lives. By bringing together professionals and organisations that are the best possible match, we help people to advance their careers and organisations to grow successfully. This not only gives us a sense of fulfilment, but also the motivation to always achieve the best for our customers and employees.

Andreas Fuckert, CEO

Fara Fuckert, CEO

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Andreas Fuckert, CEO

Fara Fuckert, CEO

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