Welcome to Fuckert Recruiting & Consulting

Your global recruitment partner for the placement of specialised personnel

Welcome to Fuckert Recruiting & Consulting

Your global recruitment partner for the placement of specialised personnel

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Many companies...

...have a very high demand for skilled labour.

...often deal with lengthy recruitment processes.

...have difficulties in finding qualified applicants.

...are very limited in their global search for foreign employees.

You want to increase the chances that your potential employees will arrive and stay with you.

We provide specialised personnel for your success.

Fuckert Recruiting and Consulting is your partner for efficient personnel recruitment. With our solutions, we optimise lengthy recruitment processes and offer access to a pool of highly qualified candidates. With us, you can effortlessly overcome cultural and administrative hurdles when recruiting foreign specialists.

Andreas Fuckert, CEO

Fara Fuckert, CEO

Our services

We specialise in the recruitment of global skilled workers.

We understand the specific requirements of the modern working world and the regions of North Africa. That is why we specialise in recruiting highly qualified specialists for your company. Cultural sensitivity and intercultural competence are at the centre of our services.

Through transparent communication, we strive for win-win situations in which employers and skilled workers benefit equally. Our success in integrating international workers into various work environments and industries is testament to our commitment to excellence in international recruitment.

Fuckert Personalvermittlung ausländischer Fachkräfte

26 years in the business

We know the rules of the global recruitment game.

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Get started with us!

We provide you with expert support in the recruitment of international skilled labour.

Andreas Fuckert, CEO

Fara Fuckert, CEO

E-Mail: contact@fuckert-recruiting.de

Tel.: +49 871 96683532

Whatsapp: +49 170 2373662

Frequently asked questions

In this section, we address questions that our customers and interested parties ask before or during a collaboration.

How long does it take for a candidate to come to Germany and start work?

It usually takes between 3 and 6 months, depending on, among other things, the processing time for the recognition of qualifications and the processes at the embassy.

Most candidates have at least language level B1. However, we recommend and prefer candidates with a language level of B2 or higher.

Our selection process is comprehensive and thorough to ensure that we select the best candidates for our partner companies.

Our candidates work in a variety of industries, including engineering, information technology, healthcare and architecture, to name a few.